Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Restoran Raso Omak-Den at PV 128, Setapak

Hiya folks.

Fyi folks, sometimes my friend thought me of a none rice eater as i rarely share some of my local delicacies experience. What to do, it's because my mom's home cooked food is the best ever local food i ever had. But that didn't stop me from trying out some of the places serving local dish especially during lunch hour on working days. 

One of our favorite place to have a lunch is Raso Omak Den in Negeri Sembilan dialect. They served some of the famous local dishes including traditional Negeri Sembilan dishes like masak lemak cili api. There are lots of dishes during lunch hour and expect a crowd of hungry office workers during that time. They also offers Ikan bakar for those who crave for some. 

The dishes 

Ikan bakar menu

If you're on a budget plan, you can refer to the menu for price list. For this kind of place, they have quite a decent price. 

The dishes' menu

Whenever i ate at this place, my favorite dish will be Daging masak lemak cili api & paru goreng rempah. It was very delicious. Paru was fried this crisp & the beef was very soft & succulent with the gravy not too thick & not too runny. The gravy packed a bit of heat from the chilis but not too much. They even served Telur itik masak lemak cili api. Cool!

Close up on my favorite dish

As for desserts, they have super fresh kuih koci, apam gula melaka & bubur kacang hitam. The kuih koci was one of the best i ever ate. Soft kuih koci with a dash of salty santan & a sweet coconut filling with gula melaka. 


Kuih Koci & Apam

Overall it was pleasant experience. Plenty of choices plus a really good food. Apparently this is their branch but the main branch served much more choices. 

Restoran Raso Omak Den
PV 128. Setapak


  1. as salamualaikum

    nak tanya sikit .. besok Restoran Raso Omak-Den at PV 128, Setapak jumaat bukak ke

    terima kasih

    1. Waalaikumussalam.

      Unfortunately, Omak Den dah tutup di PV 128.